About Us

We’ve used computers for years. Like a lot of people our new computer slowed down after six months or so of using it.
We’ve installed and configured different software to help our computer run faster. It’s been a struggle because we are not engineers and have no technical background or knowledge. Finally after trial and error we have found some software that works very well. We’ve been able to maintain the five or so PCs in our house and at work for several years.
There are many free and paid solutions out there. We’ve tried many and wasted a lot of money and time. We built this site to share what we have learned. If this site helps you save time and keep using your computer that makes us happy. We do make money when you click on products and services we recommend. We do have some expenses for running this website. Thank you for stopping by.

Here is what we will share in this website.

  • How to make your pc or mac run faster
  • How to remove viruses, malware, spyware, adware and other type of “ware” on your computer.
  • Tips on using your computer to save you time and money.
  • We’ll answer some questions about using pc and macs that we see a lot.