Norton Antivirus and Norton Security

Norton Security is a combination of several products into one antivirus protection solution. Norton Security puts all of its consumer antivirus software into one. Additionally, Norton stuffs in extra bells and whistles. This may be one of the Norton products with more features for consumers than any other. But does the product do its job? Multiple reviews say that it does. That makes sense as Norton is a solid brand with years of development and investment. Here is more about Norton Antivirus which is now known as Norton Security. If want to skip our review and go directly to the Norton website here is a button.

Malware Protection

Malware is dangerous and can be used to control your computer and take your information among other things. Reviews we found online indicate that Norton does a solid job of detecting Malware and eliminating it from your computers and other devices.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is to keep your surfing behavior and other private information hidden while you’re on the net. Norton has been offering this service for a while. What’s great is that it is now bundled with the other products into one solution.

Stolen Device or Stolen Computer Location Service

Tracking stolen computers or lojacking them is something new. When your computer is stolen and connected to the internet the Locating Service from Norton will tell you where the computer or device is located. This might be handy for locating lost smartphones. We have not tested this but it may be worth going to the Norton website to learn more.

24/7 Customer Support by Telephone or Online Chat

Support is always appreciated and Norton offers this by phone and by online chat. They offer it 24 by 7. That’s a lot of support for a consumer product.

Automated Backup and Storage

To really make the Norton Antivirus or Norton Security solution even more comprehensive there is automated backup. This includes 25 GB of storage in the cloud. Now this is for the Premium solution which will cost somewhere around $70 a year. But Norton takes care of everything for and makes backup so convenient that the price seems cheap.

How many computers can you protect with Norton Antivirus?

This varies with the Norton package that you purchase. The base version known as Standard is 1 computer. The Deluxe is 5 computers or devices. This should be enough for most families. Generally you’ll have a PC or Mac at home. Kids will each have their own PCs or Macs for school. Norton Security comes in both a Mac and PC version. But because this also covers devices smartphones and tablets can also be added.

What does Norton Security Cost?

Norton offers three levels of products. The three levels are Standard, Deluxe and Premium. You’ll pay a subscription price. This means that you’ll get billed every year. This does turn some people off. But to keep your devices free from viruses Norton invests time in research and product updates. This is an ongoing battle against malware, spyware and viruses and so it makes sense to pay a yearly fee. The base product will run you $44.99 a year. But be sure to check the Norton website.

Norton Security Standard

This is the base package for Norton Security. You’ll get virus, spyware, malware and phishing protection. You can protect your smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and Macs. Smartphones and tablets inlclude Android, Windows, and Apple IOS or iPhones. Most importantly you’ll get 24 by 7 customer support.

Norton Security Deluxe

In the Norton Security Deluxe you’ll be able to cover 5 devices. For a few dollars more per year this seems worth it to us.

Norton Security Premium

With the Premium solution you’ll pay approximately $20 more per year. But you’ll get a lot more. For starters you can protect 10 devices. You’ll also get automatic backup of your devices. This includes 25 GB of photos, movies, files and etc. The backup is automated so Norton really packs in a lot of convenience. The price is about $69.99 a year. But please check the Norton website.