Making Your Computer Run Faster: Optimize and Clean Your Computer

Your Windows PC may slow down over time and not be as fast. Here are some things that you can do.

  • Defragment your file registry
  • Find and remove program conflicts
  • Disable programs that you do not need and keep them from starting when you turn on your computer

We generally recommend a program called RegHunter. Here is what RegHunter does and why we like it so much. Here is what we will tell you in this article:

  • Why RegHunter helps make your computer faster when you surf the net.
  • How RegHunter is updated routinely to identify new viruses and adware
  • How the software along with its sister product (RegHunter) can help you maintain your Windows PC automatically.

Some time ago our PCs began to get very slow when we were on the net. This went on for some time. Not knowing any better we would turn off the PC and start it again. This worked for a few minutes before the computer slowed down again. Our kids could not do homework. Working from home was difficult if not impossible. Out of desperation we started searching the internet for solutions. We downloaded several types of software that remove viruses, adware malware and etc. After several tries we located RegHunter. Here is what we like about RegHunter.

It’s Easy

After downloading the software you simply click it to get started. RegHunter will scan the important areas on your computer. You will be surprised at how many items RegHunter will locate and fix for you. RegHunter will delete your temporary files, find and resolve program conflicts and much more.

RegHunter Gets Updated. A Lot.

RegHunter is updated nearly every week. New adware and new viruses of different types are created constantly. RegHunter automatically downloads the updates for you. Some virus programs are great when you first use them. But over time they are not updated. This makes programs useless. Not so with RegHunter. RegHunter is updated all the time.

RegHunter has support.

RegHunter has solid support. You can contact support from within the software. Normally you will hear back from the company within 24 hours.

RegHunter has a subscription price.

There is a subscription price for RegHunter. Free programs or programs with a one-time fee are not reliable. Why? One-time fee programs are normally not updated as new viruses are discovered. You don’t want this. You want software that is updated on a frequent basis.

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