Speeding Up Your PC

Here are some tips on how to speed up your PC, home computer, laptop computer and notebook computer. These are tips for Windows computers.

  • Don’t run a lot of programs at once
  • Keep your PC clean and delete programs that you don’t need
  • Keep your hard drive clean
  • Make sure your PC is up to date

Don’t run a lot of programs at once
You might be surprised when you see how many programs are running on your PC. If you hit CTRL, ALT and DELETE at the same time you will see several things to select.
You will see “Start Task Manager” as the bottom option above the Cancel button. Click on this and a window will open. This will show you how many programs you are running. You may not see that many programs running in the first tab so click on the second tab labeled services. Here you will see all of the services and how much CPU or computer memory that is being consumed.